WIM tournament:


Open Swiss:


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Hillerød Chess Club's 110th anniversary tournament

WIM tournament
Total 10
Open Swiss
GM 3
IM 9
FM 4
Total 50
WIM tournament
2200-2299 1
2100-2199 4
2000-2099 4
1900-1999 1
Open Swiss
2500-2599 2
2400-2499 3
2300-2399 7
2200-2299 3
2100-2199 6
2000-2099 9
1900-1999 2
1800-1899 5
<1800 13

In February 2020, it was 110 years ago that Hillerød Skakklub was founded. We would like to celebrate this with an anniversary tournament - or rather two tournaments: A closed WIM tournament and an Open Swiss.

At the founding general meeting in 1910, it was adopted, "not provisionally taking up ladies in the club, as women do not have the urge to chess". In the past 110 years, many progress has been made, and one of them is that it has been shown that women have the desire to play chess. Hillerød Skakklub has been fortunate enough to have female master players to train and keep the girls in the junior division - the Polgar pieces. We would like to celebrate this with a WIM tournament.

The Playing venue allow us to have an additional Open as well, which would like to allow for IM standards. The tournament will be arranged as a FIDE swiss with prize groups so everyone has one opportunity for gain.

The tournaments are scheduled with 9 rounds and to run from Saturday February 8 to Saturday, February 15, 2020.

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